CIT Solutions’ Board of Directors

  • Leanne Cover
    Leanne Cover Director

    Leanne Cover is CEO of CIT. Leanne brings extensive background in the education and training sector spanning almost 20 years. Since beginning as a CIT teacher in 1996, Leanne has held numerous leadership positions within CIT. These include senior executive positions in the ACT education and Training Directorate.

    As the CEO of CIT, Leanne is well known for her leadership in shaping vocational education and training policy. Leanne is passionate about skills development for entry-level and existing workers, and to see training responding to the requirements of industry and the wider community.

  • Gayle Ginnane
    Gayle Ginnane Director

    Gayle brings extensive experience as a director and consultant, primarily in the health sector. For 12 years, Gayle served as CEO of the Private Health Insurance Administration Council, before moving into directorship roles.

    Gayle has considerable experiences as a director including Chair of the National Blood Authority and directorships with Police Health and Australian Pharmacy Council. Gayle also contributes as a member or chair of  Audit Committees  including National Health and Medical Research Council, Professional Services Review, Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Department of Finance and Multicultural NSW.

  • Paul Ryan
    Paul Ryan General Manager

    Paul Ryan is CIT Solutions’ General Manager. In his role, Paul is responsible for leading our operations through an integrated approach to business development that best serves the needs of our stakeholders, clients and learners. Over more than 13 years at CIT Solutions, Paul’s achievements include driving growth in areas of strategic value, and increasing clients’ access to learning via online educational platforms.

  • Tim Toshack
    Tim Toshack Company Secretary

    Tim is CIT Solutions’ accountant, bringing 30 years’ experience working in the ACT Government VET sector. He has been involved in all aspects of financial management, ranging from evaluating and implementing accounting systems to preparing ACT Budget initiatives and financial reporting.

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