How to know when it’s time for a career change

How to know when it’s time for a career change? For many of us, our careers are our livelihood. It’s the thing that gets us motivated, allows us to buy our own property and go on vacation. So when our livelihood starts to wane, things can go pear shaped pretty quickly.

According to our research, the Deloitte 2016 Shift Survey says over 80% of people are not passionate about their jobs. We will spend approximately 10 solid years of our lives at work and more than 13 million work days are lost per year due to stress-related illnesses.

These statistics are confronting and can make you examine whether you are truly happy in your job or not. It takes serious courage to step away from the comfortable to pursue your dreams because it can be risky, and risky can be terrifying.  But the bottom line is that if you’re not satisfied in your current career, it won’t change unless you are willing to take the risk and the payoff could be life-changing.  It’s never too late to give it a go.

Finding a new career path is not easy and finding the one that feels right can be a bit of trial and error. It may take you a couple of attempts to find out what you really want to do but that’s part of the journey.

If you know you are someone who is less than passionate about their job, it might be time to make a career change. Through our research, we’ve found the top signs and symptoms that indicate it might be time for a career change.

The top 5 signs and symptoms that indicate when it’s time for a career change.

You’re exhausted and worn out

Every day becomes more of a struggle and even the thought of your job exhausts you. It may be a number of contributing factors like your specific tasks or a toxic work environment that’s wearing you down, whatever it is, a change needs to happen.

You need a job that energises and excites you where you’re bouncing out of bed to conquer the day.

You’re restless and irritable

This leads to procrastination. The simple tasks become difficult to complete because, to be frank, you just don’t want to do it. Your fuse is shortened because you feel you are wasting your time and energy. Your heart isn’t in it and you’d rather be doing something else.

You need a job that comes naturally where you feel like you’re not even doing work because it’s your passion.

You feel ignored and undervalued

It almost feels like nobody cares how much effort you put in. You feel like your talents are being overlooked and wasted. Do you get that nagging feeling you were made for better things?

You are invaluable and you need to let your talents shine where others can appreciate you and what you have to offer.

You feel jealous of others

You don’t know what it is about your colleague down the hall but you just don’t like them. Have you ever thought that maybe it’s not them but it’s their job you’re jealous of?

If you’re feeling like this, then it’s time to take action to pursue your new career ambitions. Nobody appreciates bitterness.

Your salary doesn’t compensate for your unhappiness

There was once a point in your job where you were willing to forgo your unhappiness because you were paid well. Now the money isn’t covering it.

When we are in a career where we feel we are doing meaningful and impactful work, somehow what we earn for it isn’t that important anymore.

If it’s time for a career change, browse through over 30 nationally recognised qualifications or take a look at our range of professional development workshops. You might find a course that could change your life and career path.

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