The 10 most important tips to enhancing your workspace

Science says the design and content of our workspaces can have quite an effect on occupants and idea flow, that’s why it’s so important to pay attention to the little things that can make a huge difference.

Some of the most successful and productive office workspaces are designed to promote an environment where employees are relaxed, comfortable and happy.

Here are 10 tips to enhance your workspace and foster productivity:

1. Lighting. An adequately lit space can help employees be inspired and stay focused. It might also help with eyestrain, headaches, fatigue, irritability and depression. You can achieve this through artificial light or natural (which is the preferred option).


2. Personal items brighten up the space, infuse identify and can encourage a relaxed vibe. Be mindful not to clutter your space up though.


3. Where do you hang out most in the office? Plan out the space in zones, like a meeting zone and a quiet zone.


4. Align the space with the company brand and culture, this can be in the form of colours or objects.

office workers discussing

5. Maintain the buzz through background music. It’s a good idea to map out a quiet zone too if you’re planning to have music playing. Background music can also offer your colleagues a sense of privacy where they know their conversations won’t be heard by the entire office.

musicians playing on instruments

6. Make yourself mobile, you shouldn’t always have to be designated to the same spot. Moving around might help the creativity flow.

business man on laptop outside

7. Add plants and natural objects. Introducing plants into the office environment has been known to reduce minor illness by 30%. It also improved the air quality by reducing the CO2 levels by 50% as well as dust, bacteria and mould.

plant in office

8. Ergonomic office furniture. You spend a lot of your time at work you might as well make it comfortable. Also having the right office equipment that’s tailored to you can significantly reduce injury. Research has found that an ergonomically optimised workspace improved productivity by nearly 18% too.

office chair

9. Accessible refreshments. It’s a bonus when you have all the amenities close by.

team in kitchen

10. Temperature. Being comfortable isn’t just a matter of furniture it’s also a matter of the right temperature. No one likes to work in freezing conditions, that goes for stifling conditions too. Finding the right temperature in the office is critical to comfortability.

man in front of fan

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